Nudies - Beige (24pk)

Nudies - Beige (24pk)

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Better than going commando, Nudies are a disposable alternative to panties. Simply stick in your pants and go live your life. The most seamless, seamless underwear possible, guaranteed. Nudies keep your leggings fresh and your yoni free all day long. 

Panties are over. Nudies go under.


98% cotton, 2% elastic 


1. Peel

2. Stick into lining of pants (under where yoni sits) 

3. Run, dance, sit, work, game, shop, explore

4. Toss

5. Repeat 

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Emily F.
United States United States
Glue sticks to inside of pants

I bought 24 of these and was excited to use them. I’ve used them twice and each time, the adhesive from the nudie is still all over the inside of my pants after I remove the nudie. The glue/adhesive is still on the pants after washing them. This is disappointing.

Nudieland, Inc. Nudies - Beige (24pk) Review
Amanda F.
United States United States
Def a different product

I am still going to try them.. One day in one pair of pants they were great.. on another day it bunched all up and stuck to my skin... Still trying to figure them out apparently..

Michelle K.
United States United States
Game Changer in the commando game

After trying these a handful of times with different types of clothing I would overall say its a victory. I have really sensitive skin so finding underwear that's 100% cotton is a challenge and I hate having lines in my leggings! Going commando works sometimes but I like knowing there is something between me and my clothes. This is the perfect minimalist option between something and nothing. I hardly notice its there and it doesn't irritate me at all. My only suggestion would be maybe make them a little wider. Sometimes they shrink up and then its impossible to get it to stay put. Thank you for an amazing product!

betsy m.
United States United States

Nudies are a game changer. A perfect mix of freedom and sexiness. My life is finally underwearless and complete. I couldn't be happier.

Nudieland, Inc.

So happy you love them!

Blake T.
United States United States
I need a years supply, ASAP.

I love this product and wish they would sell a years supply. Seriously, these are game changer. I love wearing pants again, I love my butt again, in yoga pants, jeans, work pants, don't care, it all looks great with Nudies.