Nudies - Onyx (24pk)

Nudies - Onyx (24pk)

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Better than going commando, Nudies are a disposable alternative to panties. Simply stick in your pants and go live your life. The most seamless, seamless underwear possible, guaranteed. Nudies keep your leggings fresh and your yoni free all day long. 

Panties are over. Nudies go under.


98% cotton, 2% elastic 


1. Peel

2. Stick into lining of pants (under where yoni sits) 

3. Run, dance, sit, work, game, shop, explore

4. Toss

5. Repeat 

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Molly W.
United States United States
Great Product!

I love that I found these! I hated underwear lines while wearing leggings and this is a great alternative to “going commando “while still being hygienic! Genius!

Samantha S.
United States United States

I love them! Super easy to use, you just peel and stick and you’re done. I’ve only worn them with my bodysuits and I have no complaints. I’m not sure how they would work with just a pair of leggings or jeans, but I will definitely try it out! The only thing I would recommend so far is being able to buy more than a 24 pack for a little less, something like a large “bundle pack”. As for the item itself, I think they’re absolutely fabulous. I love the concept, material and design. They’re thin, light weight and unnoticeable. You would never know they’re there, and neither would anyone else!

Nudieland, Inc. Nudies - Onyx (24pk) ReviewNudieland, Inc. Nudies - Onyx (24pk) ReviewNudieland, Inc. Nudies - Onyx (24pk) Review
Emily B.
United States United States

Straight up...I have no idea how people are wearing these with jeans or pants with any sort of structure. I put mine in and the Nudie was out of place before it even made it to my skin. BUT...I think they'll be great with leggings and thinner summer wear so I'll just save them for next year!

Abbey P.
United States United States
Just use a panty liner

They did not stick or stay in place. After a few hours I had to remove it and just go commando - it was bunching up and irritating. Was worth a try but didn't live up to the hype

Michelle B.
United States United States
Love my nudies !!!

Shipped quick and honestly so easy to wear ! Just makes it so much more comfortable with leggings to not have to adjust my underwear all the time ! Super comfy ! Feels like nothing!