To shave or not to shave?

UPDATE (June 27, 2019): The entire point of Billie's new "Red, White, and You Do You" campaign, which shows models both with and without underarm and pubic hair, is to help make women's body hair less controversial. But, inevitably, that makes the imagery inherently controversial because there are still many minds to change about the normalness, naturalness, and acceptability of body hair and the freedom of each individual to do with it as they please. And some of those minds had a lot to say about the campaign video.

Yahoo reports that when the Instagram meme account @beigecardigan shared the Billie clip, the comments were full of disapproving (and often remarkably ignorant) opinions.

"Fuck no. I feel physically ill. Thats just plain unAmerican," one commenter with a strange concept of patriotism wrote. Another who apparently thinks everyone has the same preferences they do said, "Just don't go getting all mad when nobody wants to get with your hairy bikini line." One commenter, who exhibited a stunning lack of biological information, said, "Gross. And completely unhygienic. The stink must be strong." Even Olympian Lolo Jones implied she isn't a fan with a simple, "What in the world." - Read more on Allure